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a++ would smuggle into space again

the good ship "on second thought this might have been a bad idea probably"

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the high four-and-a-half
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difficult, difficult, lemon difficult
&?, a little knowledge, armistead/hancock/almira, back to the wall, barceloneans, bastards of every stripe, biological terms in english, dropping every other g, dysfunction/comfort, every city till dark, full notebook pages, inappropriate musical climaxes, interrobangs?!, iron kan, la solidarité camusienne, like totes dude!!, logical singularities, magpies & manatees, mahogany chalkboards, mmmmkay, morning fog filling air, perestrelka, poetry as semicolons, psychotic welshmen, queens of every variety, rarely pure; never simple, redcoat/browncoat otp, rich widows, sanity saving girl, semicolons as poetry, shaka rahm your face, sibling nuclear war, sick scrotty bastards, six six three, sonmi~451, squishy lemon pigeons, statement!, subtitular conversation, swordfights & skirts, the 45th georgian, the hole: the-grim-adventure!, there's a side b?!, to the -i-pi, tony/rhodey, tugging his shirt, vichy pastilles, what tapestries are for, what-the-water-feels-like-to-the-fishes, wingman/genius, wrong side of dawn

Social capital

  • less than 10